Pembroke Viridi and Nester Gloom


Nationalities American
Base of Operations Fallbell City

The NGD is a group of vigilantes that are the main protagonists in The Lettuceverse. Their full name is known as the "New Glitch Division", and they strive to solve Glitch-Human issues and bring criminals to justice, as the government and police are largely unhelpful, giving way to a storm of crime since Glitch-Powers became prominent.  


Pembroke Viridi and Nester Gloom-The founders.

Seth Blackwell- Was the NGD's first villain catch, and was forced to join them in the Incanto ARC.

Paige Incanto and Brian Incanto-Joined after getting rescued from The Syndicate during the kidnapping in the Incanto ARC. 

Melody Carmen-Joined at the end of the Incanto ARC. 

Max Effingo-Joined at the end of the Effingo ARC as atonement. 

Emma Breeze-Joined at the end of Effingo ARC with Max.

Apollo Skye and Luna Skye-Joined at the end of the Effingo ARC in hopes to find the serial killer. 


Jake Jones, Riley Umbra, and Tobias Grimm- Part of a seperate vigilante group run by Jake, but are on friendly terms with the NGD, and frequently cross paths with them. 

Lieutenant Rufous Brown- Head of the Fallbell City police detectives, and sometimes aids the NGD with finding criminals, despite his rather incompetent nature. 

Imin Adeezguyz- An undercover police detective that is used as a spy in the Syndicate, any information Lt. Brown gives the NGD is usually through him. 

Gino Piazza- The good-natured owner of Gino's Pizza, one of the most famous resturants in Fallbell City. Brian and Paige did their magic act there before joining, so their resturant serves as somewhat of a second base to the NGD, with the benevolent Gino being all too willing because of their connection to the Incantos. 

Artie Tickles- Local journalist for the "Fallbell Tribune" and has a partnership with Jake Jones, where they both exchange information about the criminal underbelly of Fallbell City. Later in the Lettuceverse, Jake introduces Artie to the NGD, so he starts giving them information about the Syndicate's whereabouts.