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In the beginning, a single, all-powerful God stood in the darkness. This God, named Naraos, created the Millennium. He created the Millennium with his own power, and divided it among deities he created. These deities would protect what he had created from themselves, and help keep the natural order of the world in harmony. As a result of this massive exertion of power, he had nothing left of his original self. All that was left of him was the power that he divided and gave to the deities.

The deities he created were all representing an aspect existent in the Millennium, and they were all in charge of managing that concept and making sure it didn’t fall to ruin. All of them were of equal power, only overpowering one another when it came to the aspects in which they guarded and had lordship over.

Of course, where there is light, there is darkness. In Millennium, the universe is under constant assault by Aepia, the Dark Deity who continuously creates abominations to attack various places. He relentlessly tries to defeat the other, moral deities, and will not stop until he does. A great war erupted between them which spanned the entire planet for a millenia. The conflict sparked something on the new planet, it started the very first life on earth. As the war raged, life evolved on the planet until humanity took over. The war finally ended when Aepia was locked up in the core of the earth, it’s influence was downgraded but not gone, the earth would have monsters in places all over. It was then that the gods informed the humans that because of this threat that they would be rewarded and could live peacefully if they fought off the monster menace.


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Title:God of earth, animals, harvest and life

Powers:Earth EmbodimentTranscendent Physiology

Personality: Humble but tough


Title:Goddess of water,storms, the sea and the moon

Powers:Water Embodiment , Transcendent Physiology

Personality:capable of change


Title:God of flame, rebirth, passion, desire and the sun

Powers:Fire Embodiment , Transcendent Physiology

Personality:Very passionate

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Title:God of air, freedom, wisdom and change

Powers:Air Embodiment , Transcendent Physiology

Personality: Very careless


Title:God of time, space, magic and energy

Powers:Time Embodiment ,Transcendent Physiology


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Title:God of death, the afterlife and peace

Powers:Death Embodiment , Transcendent Physiology

Personality:Calm and caring

Mana ore

Red cystal

unrefined fire mana ore

When the gods gave the humans the chance to fight back against the monsters they allowed them to be able to channel magic via mana. Jonia made it so mana could be found in the very earth they stood on. An entire economy came forth from this incredible substance which had many different effects based on the coloration and condition of the ore.
  • Red ore: Fire
  • Blue ore: Water
  • Brown ore: Earth
  • Clear ore: Wind
  • Green ore: Healing and/or growth
  • Yellow ore: Electricity


The discovery of mana ore and magic has spawned advancements in technology, allowing humanity to create awe inspiring weaponry. The various types of mana ore allows for versatile ammo and effective fuel. These have spawned weapons that spew flames that match that of dragons, electricity to power a small city, healing energies for hospitals, and much more.


Future soldier-wide
Humanity has become technologically advanced 1,000 years earlier than expected due to the discovery and cultivation of mana ore. This has lead to numerous advancements in military use, each use has been divided into different divisions.

Millennium Army Corps

The infantry which consists of soldiers wielding state of the art mana rifles which are very much alike to the real life battle rifles. The soldiers are outfitted with specialised suits to protect them from small arms fire and a medium tolerance to enemy mana ore.

The suits in question are highly specialized for ground combat, being made from refined brown mana ore. The helmets having an AI interface to help the soldier adapt to pathfinding with his weapon, a soldier rarely misses.

A cooling system is circulated through the suit to prevent overheating and is regularly pumped with liquid blue mana to keep the suit at room temperature. 

Sometimes Golems are brought in for the heavy duty jobs as they lack the organic faults humans have.

Millennium Engineering Division

The engineers are workers who supply the soldiers with their weapons and help keep them in peak condition. Unlike the soldiers they tend to stay out of the battlefield but are never too far away. They utilize the advanced tech at their disposal to repair damaged weapons, armor, etc. They are often charged with developing weaponry should a new threat arise. They on occasion also create golems to aid with tasks that are not possible for a human to do.

Medical Corp of the Millennium

The medics are trained doctors who tend to stay near the battlefield but just out of reach so as to not be harmed themselves. They are usually found in outposts where injured soldiers are brought in to be healed. Green mana is often a good healing object but some wounds require more so they are trained to handle it normally in the case they run out of ore.

The Millennium Animal Training Battallion

The battallion uses captured animals like Rathalos and other dangerous animals to be trained for various tasks such as tracking, air combat, etc. These individuals are often veterinarians and zoologists who understand how and why an animal behaves in a way and can utilize it for militaristic purposes.

Artillery Division

When the infantry doesn't have enough firepower they often turn to the artillery which uses mana cannons with enough destructive force to level a small building. 

Known humanoid races


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The very first humanoid race to exist on earth, they are gifted with sentience and a higher intelligence than other non-sentient animals. They were created during the Millennium war as a spark landed on the planet and merged with the soil, springing forth the very first colony. They were mostly unaware of the war in the cosmos and so thrived on their own, when the gods introduced themselves they were wary at first but then became a prosperous society when mana was introduced.



The Magi are no different to humans aside from one major skill they possess: They can utilize magic without the assistance of technology or raw crystals. The magi are a somewhat common race not long after the introduction of mana ore, having been born from sufficient exposure to raw mana ore. They are somewhat alienated because of their nature to channel magic and some turn to criminal life because of mistreatment, prompting the use of high level technology just to be able to keep them down. A small society of Magi exists and a school for them was made to keep them safe from alienation, able to keep to themselves.

Elven mill


The elves are the result of Magi breeding with humans, the only major physiological differences much like the Magi is the ability to naturally channel magic and in addition they are often quite beautiful and possess longer ears, because of this they have better hearing than most humans. Much like the Magi they are also alienated because of their appearence and the ability to use magic though their steely confidence keeps them strong.


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The Saurians are a reptillian race that were descended from a species of monster created by Aepius, after the entrapment of the dark god they began an evolution that caused them to adopt a humanoid stance along with human intelligence. Their culture is almost no different from humanities aside from nesting due to them laying eggs to reproduce. Unlike actual reptiles they rear their young and guard their eggs with utmost ferocity, and like the Magi they have a natural capacity for magic though to a lesser degree. The real strength of the Saurians is their animal adaptations such as gills to breath underwater and sharp teeth and claws, and their tails serve as a counterweight and gives them great balance. Just like reptiles they also are weaker in colder temperatures but not too much as they are merely more sluggish.


Nymph pic

The Nymphs are a magical race that are primarily female and have powers that pertain to nature itself, often controlling plants. They reproduce at an alarming rate and are compatible with nearly any species, causing numerous hybrids. Because of this they tend to hide themselves in dense forest areas and rarely address people without good reason.