Sylvania Waterford
Basic Info
Alias(es) None
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Race Nymph
Gender Female
Age 22
Birthday 5/20/1994
Blood Type A
Main Ability Plant and Fungi manipulation
Birthplace Currently Unknown
Homeworld Millenniumverse
Affiliation(s) Herself
Occupation(s) Gardener, former assassin
Base of Operations Her greenhouse

Sylvania is a lone former assassin turned gardener who has taken refuge out in the middle of nowhere, tending to her killer plants.


Nothing is known of her childhood, but what is known about her life from there is she worked as an assassin for the leaders of rebel groups. Her preferred method of assassination was to place special seeds she had created herself into the body of her target and having them grow from the inside, killing the victim almost instantly. She eventually left this service and became the local gardener of a mansion, occasionally making her own deadly hybrids just so she doesn't get rusty.


Sylvania is very strict and a major authority figure, though she is very secretive at times, keeping to herself in her gardens. In her spare time she is a very creative thinker, making plants for nearly every situation.


Milk, Gardening


Fire, Arachnids


Creating hybrid plants.




She tends to rely on her plants which can have a multitude of uses. Her prefered method of fighting is to secretly insert seeds inside someone, these seeds growing into long rooted plants that when fully grown will burst out and kill them. Usually before she even fights someone she spreads seeds all over the place so incase she does need to fight she is prepared.


  • Her plants are very situational and she may not have the time to think of the right strategy
  • Without any seeds, plants or fungi she's almost powerless


  • She was inspired by Pamela Isley and Kurama