Alias(es) Monsieur, President of Canada, Scraps
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Race Human
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Birthday January 2nd
Blood Type A++ (Rubio claims)
Main Ability Survivability
Personal Data
Birthplace Quebec, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Affiliation(s) Burgesses, Himself
Occupation(s) Survivor, President (Self-Appointed)
Base of Operations (Brand) New York
"The United States shall rise once again, and I as it's Prime Mi- I mean President, SHIT."
― Rubio

Rubio is one of the main characters of Laid Waste, being one of the prominent survivors. He's a delusional survivor who's goal is to unite the survivors in North America and become the next president of the United States... even though he was born in Quebec, Canada. He is also the one responsible for naming his group Burgesses.



Little is known about Rubio's personal life before the Lighting, but what is known is that he was a Hispanic-French Canadian born in Quebec, and grew up with parents who feared the Cold War would destroy the Earth. He was taught how to survive in a nuclear wasteland and became an adapt survivor, often camping in the woods for weeks on end, as he did not go to school. He claims when learning to drive he accidentally ran over four cats and a dog all in a row, just before running into an animal parade. He also claims he once bought seventeen American flags and rolled around in them until he was an unrecognizable American burrito.

Laid Waste




Rubio most commonly wears a white snow coat with a homemade gas mask, sporting two large circular eye glasses. He often carries a random assortment of all kinds of items in his various pouches, and also wears bandage gloves with spikes on them.

When he doesn't have a mask on, Rubio can be seen sporting messy brown hair, stubble, and green eyes.


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Rubio is absolutely erratic, doing things on a whim, often with disregard to the safety of anyone or thing. He's always moving, yelling or fighting, and enjoys his sparatic lifestyle. He is also extremely patriotic to the United States, despite being Canadian.


The United States, Fighting, Etats


Countries other than America, Faulty Equipment


Playing Etats.


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  • Machete.
  • Luger.
  • Spiked knuckles.
  • Geiger counter.
  • Water Canteen.
  • LSD.
  • Marbles.


  • Rubio is not at all booksmart.
  • Rubio's impulsiveness often finds him trouble.
  • Rubio's mental state is not at its peak.


  • Rubio's name comes from 2016 Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio, and the fact he was born in Canada comes from fellow candidate Ted Cruz.
  • Rubio will not admit it, but he speaks fluent French.
  • Rubio often puts LSD in his water.
  • "Etats" is a complex game involving marbles created by Rubio that only he understands. It is "State" spelled backwards.