The Fairy Genie Rapist God
Genie by trishkell-d3cyrpu
Basic Info
Alias(es) Rape God, Daddy
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Race Genie
Gender Male
Age Inapplicable
Birthday Inapplicable
Blood Type None
Main Ability Transcendent Genie Physiology
Personal Data
Birthplace The Rape Realm
Nationality Inapplicable
Affiliation(s) Coming soon
Occupation(s) Raping
Base of Operations The Rape Realm
"Where there is lust, there is the Rape God, and where there is the Rape God there is lust."
― Rape God, in Philosophy and the Art of Rape

Recnamonhcet Rrok, or the Rape God, is a terrifying eldritch-like Genie that exists in his own realm that he created: The Rape Realm.




Rape Time Is Over, Boys And Girls




Rape God wears tribal clothing that exposes the majority of his manly chest, which has a six pack.


  • I'd Like To Teach The World To Fap (In Perfect Harmony)

    I'd Like To Teach The World To Fap (In Perfect Harmony)

    General Theme.
  • Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch Lyrics

    Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch Lyrics

    Battle Theme.
  • Rapeman - Superpussy

    Rapeman - Superpussy

    Entrance Theme.
  • The Temptations - Get Ready

    The Temptations - Get Ready

    Dust Thrust Theme.


Rape God has a very perverse personality, which commonly results in him turning a normal conversation into dialogue from a pornographic video.


Rape, porn, hentai, Rule34.


Not rape.




  • Transcendent Genie Physiology - Rape God is a godlike genie that makes deals with people, mostly and primarily of the sexual nature.
    • Fairy Dust Manipulation - Rape God can make fairy dust come out of impregnate females with. His signature technique is called the Dust Thrust.
    • Powerful Touch - He'll touch you up real good.
  • Hormone Manipulation - Who knows. Maybe he'll warp your mind to the point where you'll like it after all.
  • The Rape Realm - Rape God has created his own realm to reside in, where he kidnaps helpless human females to rape them. Don't worry, he removes their memory afterwards. Usually.
  • Absolute Contract - He makes deals like he makes babies without the mother's consent.


  • Condom (always have safe sex, kids, even if it's considered sexual assault).


He will literally rape you to death.


  • Rape God can be outclassed by higher beings, but very few of those exist. He also cannot be raped by anyone as it will not classify as rape. It is hinted that The Author may have bypassed this rule.