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  • Losing is a Disease - Peter has the ability to create, manipulate, and control the basic functions of any form of pathogen, virus, and infectious agent. When creating a disease, Peter can control exactly what symptoms and side effects the diseases have, meaning he has free reign upon what he could do to people should he get them infected with his diseases. This Abnormality is explicitly dangerous, as Peter could easily conjure up a virus that is more infectious than the common cold, while also being deadlier and racking up a higher death rate than the black plague or smallpox while making the disease hardy enough to survive up to years without ever needing to reproduce. On top of all of this, he could simply make the disease "incurable" by normal means, just like that. If Peter were ever provoked, he could end virtually all life in the world within days, and possibly life on other planets if he makes the disease able to travel and survive experiences in space.
    • Curing - By being able to manipulate and understand the nature of a disease, Peter is able to "reverse-engineer" diseases into cures. With this knowledge, Peter has the potential to cure any form of a biological disease, such as cancer.




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  • The government has made an agreement with Peter that if they leave him alone to his own devices in his town, he won't release any disease upon the world. However, he does allow occasional visits.