Basic Info
Alias(es) The penguin, Penn (the only one who actually calls him Penn is Basil)
Alignment True Neutral
Race Emperor Penguin
Gender Male
Age At least 10 years old
Birthday ?
Blood Type ?
Main Ability Penn, The Penguin
Personal Data
Birthplace Antartica
Nationality Emperor Penguin, Antartican
Occupation(s) Various
Base of Operations None

"Kurt Cobain."

- Penn.

Penn is an animal Abnormal and is an oddity. He travels through the Abnormalverse stories, meeting most of the characters. His level of power is unknown.





Penn is unintelligent, even for a member of his own species. Though he is generally stupid, he seems to show suprising knowledge in certain things, such as how to operate a radio or how to use the internet. When Penn attempts to communicate, instead of making the chirps of a traditional penguin, Penn will shout out the words "Kurt Cobain" and several variants. This implies that he has knowledge of the band Nirvana, or at the very least Kurt Cobain as a person.

Penn tends to cling onto the faces of people he meets, to the person's annoyance. When Penn is bored, he will occasionally pull out pornography magazines from his fez and read them, admiring the imagry while also not understanding it.


  • Penn, the Penguin - Penn, according to Basil, wields a virtually unfathomable amount of power within himself, which is only held back by his intellect, or lack thereof. Theoretically, Penn is the strongest Abnormal by virtue that nothing else can defeat it, and that if Penn had the desire, he could clear out and defeat virtually every single Abnormal, Horror, Demon, and Angel within any and all dimensions in the universe with relative ease. But, once again, all of this is held back by the fact that Penn is unintelligent. 
  • To give insight into some of Penn's abilities, there are multiple things that he has done:
    • Penn is immune to time stop.
      • Additionally, Penn has stopped time, which nobody else could fight against. 
    • Penn has demonstrated the ability to be in multiple or all places at once, and is shown to be playing with multiple copies of himself. 
    • He can teleport. 
    • Penn seems to have some sort of "toonforce", as he is shown mimicking exactly what an old cartoon character like Bugs Bunny would do, such as pull an object out of hammerspace. (in Penn's case, hammerspace is his fez, though he does pull objects from behind his back on occasion) 
    • Penn is practically immune to absolute destruction or being erased. When The Void wipes the universe, Penn is the only creature that remains. 
    • Penn, in theory, encompasses most, if not all abilities. 
    • Penn tends to disregard the basic laws of physics regularly.




  • Penn, as stated multiple times, is idiotic, and thus will probably never realize the true potential of his power.