Solomon Sterling, The Muffin Man
Basic Info
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Race Human
Gender Male

Late 20s to early 30s

Birthday April 4th
Blood Type None
Main Ability

El Chapo

Personal Data

Unknown, but implied to be down South of the U.S

Nationality American
Affiliation(s) Himself
Occupation(s) Career Serial Killer
Base of Operations None

"Tell me. Do you know who I am? you know you know the Muffin Man? I'm sure you do. He lives down the road, and he's coming for you right now..."

- Muffin Man.

Muffin Man is a serial killer wanted around the world for his mass murders and his ability to seemingly evade all authorities.





Muffin is a man of conflicting personalities. Sometimes, he's incredibly cunning and witty; using his abilities to take his victims by surprise. On the other, he's somewhat naive, as shown during his final fight against Aya, where the latter manages to trick the former into escaping his own powers.

Muffin Man suffers from schizophrenia, and has constant hallucinations which cause him to see and hear things that aren't there. According to him, he constantly hears the Muffin Man nursery rhyme reverberating in his ears for hours on end. Hence why he calls himself the Muffin Man. He tends to have outbursts of laughter for no reason at all.

When committing his murders, he will take the blood of his victim, and write a note next to their corpse, which reads "I AM MUFFIN MAN". He will always write the same message for all of his victims.

Apart from his sadistic fetish, Muffin Man is a necrophiliac.

Powers and Abilities

  • El Chapo - Muffin Man has the ability to literally escape anything. From rooms to bindings, to death. With his abilities, Muffin is effectively invulnerable. When inside of a locked room, Muffin can "escape" it by opening the door. Even if it's locked. Another example would be in a room with absolutely no exits. Muffin seems to teleport outside of the room. If Muffin dies, then escapes death, he will revive where he died. If his corpse is destroyed before he revives, a new one will be created in the same place where Muffin was killed.
  • Medusa - Muffin's secondary ability. If anyone looks directly into Muffin Man's eyes, they will be frozen in place for a temporary amount of time, which can range from a timeframe of thirty minutes up to two hours.


  • Gullible. This is how he died.


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