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Maria Noble
Basic Info
Alias(es) N/A
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Race Glitch-Human
Gender Female
Age 24
Height 5 foot 7 inches

Main Ability "Dream Gas"
Personal Data
Weight 125 lbs 
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) John Smith, AGR
Occupation(s) Member of the AGR
Base of Operations Fallbell City (Presently)
"Dreams and ambition are what make people so full of life and creativity...John is the epitome of that, so it's my dream to follow him anywhere and do anything he asks of me..."
― Maria Noble

Maria Noble is a supporting antagonist in The Lettuceverse, and is a member of the AGR. Her and the other members of the group serve as the main antagonists of the Tobias ARC.  




Maria is a rather oddly dressed woman. She has tan skin, as well as brown hair and eyes. She dons a pink beret, and is always wearing a gas mask over her face. Maria wears a pink dress shirt with a red smock over it, as well as a red skirt with pink tights.  


Maria is very odd individual, being obsessed with dreams and having a very romanticized and artistic way of looking at life. She gladly does horrible things for John Smith and views it as expressing yourself in a "bleak" world. She was formerly a sculptor before joining the AGR, and views the extinction of all Glitch-Humans as simply an artistic expression. She is also unhealthily devoted to John, and will seemingly do anything for him because he has such a "creative" outlook on life. Maria also displays some horrifyingly psychopathic tendencies, and it's implied she regularly turns dead Glitch-Human corpses into sculptures, an act that is mentioned to even disturb the other members of the AGR.  


ARC 1:Lettuceverse

Maria  first appears in the Tobias ARC when her group arrives at Fallbell City, as the AGR is a wanted group of criminals who traverse the country and stay at a location for a short amount of time, and kill any Glitch-Human they come across there, before moving to a new place before they're caught. She and the group, after noticing that The Syndicate has been lying low recently, decide to try and take down the NGD by executing some Glitch-Humans in the area until the NGD decides to track them down, running into an ambush. Despite this, they are unaware that a vigilante named Tobias Grimm has been killing criminals in the Fallbell City area for some time now, and upon hearing that the AGR are in Fallbell City, resolves to murder them all. Tobias's antics soon garner the attention of Jake Jones and Riley Umbra, who in turn team up with the NGD to stop the AGR. By the end of the ARC, John Smith, Victor Sahrow, and Maria herself are apprehended by the police, while Dante Burnett was killed during the fighting.  


  • "Dream Gas": Maria can give off a multicolored gas that can make people who breath it in have morbid hallucinations, with prolonged exposure being toxic and sometimes fatal.  


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