Mac Beatha
Mac Beatha
Alias(es) The Gaelic Demon, Red-Eyes, Hellstalker
Alignment Neutral Evil
Race Malospirit
Gender Male
Age N/A
Birthday N/A
Blood Type Blood of Host
Main Ability Deathly Inheritance
Birthplace The Red Pool, Scotland
Nationality Nationality of Host
Affiliation(s) Himself
Occupation(s) Malospirit
Base of Operations Mobile
"A vile spirit of blood, Mac Beatha's continued survival depends on one thing. Its own death."
Phoenix Keys on Mac Beatha

Mac Beatha is an ancient Scottish spirit that travels from host to host, possessing the body of the person to have killed his previous body. Currently, he is inhabiting the body of Aaron Lycris.



Mac Beatha was created in Medieval times by a witch who visited the Red Pool in Scotland. She threw the corpse of one of her victims into the pool and preformed a ritual to conjure a Malospirit. This was successful, but it gave birth to the terrifying Mac Beatha, who proceeded to murder the witch and moved one, killing anyone in his path until eventually he was slain by an English Knight. However, Mac Beatha was then able to possess that Knight, and continued his rampage until eventually he had left the British Isles entirely. However, that would not be the last time Britain would fear Mac Beatha.



Mac Beatha has no set appearance, as his appearance is always determined by the last person to have killed him. However, whoever he is possessing gains red eyes to show his presence.


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Mac Beatha's entire existence revolves around killing victims until he is eventually killed himself. However, this isn't to say he isn't capable of scheming, as he has done so against his foes in the past quite successfully, even tricking the newly reformed Phoenix Keys into almost killing his best friend Dr. Jesse Lauderson.


Murder, Combat


Good Spirits


Mac Beatha's only hobby is plotting his next kills and who he's going to manipulate next.


  • Deathly Inheritance - Whoever kills Mac Beatha's host at the time becomes Mac Beatha's next host, creating a vicious cycle allowing Mac Beatha to become immortal.
    • Preservation - The only way to truly kill Mac Beatha is by having him die with no human or animal interferance, as his hosts also cannot die from aging, or by disease or poison.
    • Enhanced Condition - Even if his current host has no experience in fighting or any advanced physical skill, Mac Beatha's presence makes up for it.
  • Life-Force Absorption - In close range combat Mac Beatha is especially dangerous because he can absorb life-force through physical contact.
    • Life View - Above their heads, Mac Beatha sees how much longer his targets have to live.
  • Shadow Duelist - Mac Beatha is known for creating an indestructable shadow blade to kill opponents, and using is masterfully.
  • Pressure Blast - For ranged attacks, Mac Beatha can also create blasts of pressure.


  • Shadow Blade
  • Various Miscellaneous Weapons


  • Mac Beatha can be killed permenatly if his death has no human or animal interferance.
  • Mac Beatha can be overpowered relatively easily by people with Supernatural Condition.


  • Mac Beatha is old Gaelic for Macbeth.
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