The Escapist
Basic Info
Alias(es) The Escape Artist, Cannoli
Alignment Neutral Good
Race Humanoid (Sorcerer)
Gender Male
Age 19
Birthday June 22nd
Blood Type O
Main Ability Sorcery
Personal Data
Birthplace New Hampshire
Nationality Italian-American
Affiliation(s) Lara Guerra
Occupation(s) Escape Artist
Base of Operations Mistfall, Oregon

Luigi Cannoli is a young Sorcerer that makes his living off of showbusiness.




Luigi tends to wear spring clothing, to remain inconspicuous. He changes to winter clothing when he needs to, whether it is actually winter or if it's just really cold. He also does not actually have the hairstyle shown in the picture, instead, he has a combover-like clean cut.



Luigi is generally a nice person that values honesty over profit and quality over quantity. However, all kindness has limits, and Luigi's is no different. Luigi also possesses a slightly cowardly trait, but not to a point in which he will piss himself during a confrontation.


Cannolis, beef, Fanta.


Sprite. No one likes Sprite.


Taking walks.


  • Sorcery- Luigi, as a Sorcerer, has many magical abilities. However, he is not able to make full use of Magic as he wasn't smart enough to understand the importance of gaining all magic possible.
  • The Art of Escape- As an escape artist, Luigi has learned how to escape multiple kinds of entrapment and binding.
  • Sneaky- Luigi occasionally has to involve himself in petty theft just to make a living. He learned quickly that he was a natural thief and still considers stealing a valid tactic of getting funds.
    • Enhanced StealthDue to his frail frame and naturally light footsteps, Luigi tends to sneak around more than he runs, and can make his way from point A to point B in a matter of seconds without being detected.
    • Enhanced Agility- Small frame + escape artistry = highly agile.


  • Skeleton Key (can open any lock).


Luigi usually combines magic and his stealth skills to dispatch his enemies, assuming he can bring himself to do it.


  • Bullets hurt.
  • Punches hurt.
  • Really, anything that can hurt hurts.


  • Luigi's personally is heavily inspired by the personality shown by Hatty Hattington before he became a villain.
  • Luigi actually enjoys cannolis immensely, and they are his favorite snack.