The Lighting

Affectionately named the Lighting by the survivors living in the United States because of the light it produced, the Lighting is the event most people would know as a nuclear war between the Soviet Union and the United States in 1982.

During war games in Guam, a Soviet spy plane viewed what was believed to be mobilizing of nuclear missiles, that were locked and ready to launch, presumably soon. Panicked, the Soviet Union launched a first strike at the United States, which lead to U.S. retaliation. The result was a global nuclear war between East and West that ended with the absolute decimation of modern civilization. Now, survivors from all over the globe fight for survival in the desolate wasteland once called Earth.



A small group of survivors living in (Brand) New York and dedicated to protecting their freedoms, Burgesses acts as the governing and protecting force in (Brand) New York. They fight off raiders and other factions who wish to take what is theirs. Members include Chester WarpeRubio, and many others. The group was named after the House of Burgesses, an old governing force from before the American Revolution.

The Militia

The authoritarian governing force in almost all of the south of North America, ruling the League of States with an iron fist, the Militia is a strict communist society designed for maximum production at the cost of freedom. They use violence and fear to intimidate and murder all in their way. They are governed by Skorpion, a former Soviet spy operating out of California, but has taken to ruling the League of States.

Important Locations

(Brand) New York

After the Lighting, New York was left absolutely demolished, being one of the most heavily affected regions on the planet. However, some brave (and stupid) survivors colonized it. They decided to name this urban wasteland "(Brand) New York", being named after one survivor took a New York sign and painted "(Brand)" above it. It's the city Burgesses operates out of, and one of the most prosperous cities in the surviving United States.

Freedom Corner

Freedom Corner is a sub-section of (Brand) New York that was claimed by Rubio "for capitalism's sake". He "owns" all of it, which is approximately three blocks, including a gambler's bar, empty grocery store, and two apartment buildings. He also built a small statue of what is supposed to be George Washington but is actually modelled after Thomas Jefferson.

Dragontown (Дракон-Таун)

Formerly known as Phoenix, Arizona, Dragontown is the capital of the League of States, run by the Militia. Due to the Militia's authoritarian governing style, it is the most heavily guarded city in North America. Strict rules like curfew are enforced with death squads and the capital building is known as the Dragon's Den, a heavily guarded fortress that few can enter, and even fewer can leave.