Basic Info
Name Kendrick Milonakis
Alias(es) Bloodhound, Anti, Kendrick
Alignment Chaotic Good
Height / Weight 6'2" / 144.3 lbs
Birthday / Age 4.21.97 / Twenty
Main Ability Blood Bath
Personal Data
Birthplace Athens, Greece
Nationality Greek
Affiliation(s) Aegis
Occupation(s) Student, Aegis Member
Base of Operations Mobile

"Happy? Do I look happy to you? Who the hell would be happy about this situation?"
― Vasilios Milonakis

Kendrick Milonakis is gay.




Theme Songs

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Despite his age, Milonakis is extremely suicidal and an overall edgy character. He is known for always having a switchblade handy in order to self-harm, and is not secretive about it, often doing it in front of others or in extremely public situations. However, he appears to be stoic and doesn't show very much emotion to others. Kendrick is never seen crying, and it is joked about that he lost all his tears when he was a teenager, leaving him to suffer in peace. Even though he has a far darker persona than most "heroes," Kendrick was recruited to Aegis, despite his age, after the downfall of Pyramidis due to his insanely strong ability. Among Aegis members, he is known as the anti-hero, but also extremely childish and sensitive.

Likes: XXX

​Dislikes: XXX

​Hobbies: XXX


Arc 1



Ability Type: Transformation

Ability Range: Close-range

Class: Balanced
  • Blood Bath - Kendrick can manipulate and harden his blood into armor, changing his own form to counter his opponent. Like a form change, he can enhance his speed, power, durability, and other physical attributes based on the shape he decides to take on.
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  • Kendrick is the Greek name for "of royal blood," which is a reference to his blood-based abilities.
  • His last name, Milonakis, is a reference to the rapper Andy Milonakis, who is often seen as a meme in the music scene.
  • Kendrick's power, Blood Bath, is inspired by Deoxys from the Pokemon series, along with Jason's (Tokyo Ghoul) ability to seemingly create armor out of his Kagune.