Jack Thatcher

The Rabbit Man
Basic Info
Alias(es) Bugs Bunny
Alignment Lawful Evil/Neutral Evil
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 37
Birthday 8/19
Main Ability Anderson's Discovery
Personal Data
Birthplace ?
Nationality German


Yvonne Park

Occupation(s) Cultist

"Don't expect me to take a few seconds to stop and ask 'What's up, Doc?' I've always hated those damn cartoons."

- Jack.

Jack Thatcher is the secondary antagonist of Ritual, and the right-hand man of Yvonne Park. He begins to serve as a worshipper to The Void in hopes that it can rid him of his rabbit head, which he views as a curse.







Jack is shown to be an extreme scopophobic, even before his Abnormalities manifested themselves with one of them causing him to change his appearance. After his head transformed, he couldn't take it, and promptly went insane, going on a killing spree and murdering several people before being sent to a local Abnormal Containment Center.

When he is broken out by Yvonne Park, the latter gives the former better confidence in himself and his abilities, and turns him into a calm and collected man. Though, despite his drastic personality change, he still desires to rid his rabbit head, hence why he joins Yvonne to summon The Void.



  • Anderson's Discovery - Jack has the ability to create and manipulate antimatter. This ability is, to say the least, incredibly dangerous for what it's worth. Jack can generate a seemingly limitless amount of antimatter and use it to utterly annihilate anything that he uses it on. He will typically generate it in the form of an amount of energy, which can allow him to create blasts of antimatter.
  • Rabbit Head - Jack's second, and more obvious ability is for his head to replicate the biology of a rabbit. Despite his absolute hatred for this ability, it grants him a few enhancements to his senses, such as his hearing and smell. He can take advantage of this by listening for enemies and ambushing them accordingly.


  • Jack has to be incredibly careful precise with the use of his ability lest he annihilate the planet and everything on it.


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