Iona Everwood
Basic Info
Alias(es) The Elven Feline
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Race Feline
Gender Female
Age 17
Birthday 2/13/1999
Blood Type AB
Main Ability Rune Magic
Birthplace Yutrea


Affiliation(s) None
Occupation(s) None
Base of Operations None

Iona is a Feline raised by an Elven family after her own parents were killed by an attack by Algernon on the Forest.


She was born among a litter of a loving pair of Felines, this all changed though when Algernon attacked the forest they lived in. She was kept tucked away in a nook in a tree safely before her parents succumed to Algernons poisonous magic. A clan of Elves discovered the carnage and also found her all alone. A childless family of elves adopted her and taught her their ways. She grew to be an adept mage just like her other kinsman but developed oddly, one day however she discovered a tome hidden in a cave detailing a lost practice called Rune Magic with which she became very skilled at. To this day she lives in the forest with her new family, protecting it's inhabitants and discovering the wonders of the world.



Iona has a very curious expression common to her race, her ears also being very feline in nature. Her hair is naturally pink and she keeps it short and she often wears lensless glasses.


Iona is a very curious and fast learning person, having picked up on Rune Magic very quickly despite it being an almost entirely forgotten practice. Much like her Feline heritage she is also very easily frightened.


  • Frogs, trees


  • Users of dark magic


  • Climbing Trees




In direct combat she uses her runes to disarm her opponents, often by paralyzing their limbs or forcing them into akward positions, otherwise she summons objects to aid her in combat, these often being torture devices. Due to her Feline heritage she's also very agile and is capable of running circles around her opponent.


  • Easily frightened
  • Hates water