Hugh Stewart
Hugh Stewart
Basic Info
Alias(es) Jackpot, The Roulette
Alignment Neutral Good
Race Ghoul
Gender Male
Age Technically Dead
Birthday ?
Blood Type AB
Main Ability Power Randomization
Personal Data
Birthplace Aberdeen, Scotland
Nationality Scottish
Occupation(s) Placeholder text
Base of Operations Placeholder text

"Aye, you'll be wishin' I didn't have thirty seconds when I'm through with ya!" 

- Hugh, fighting someone after randomly acquiring Eldritch Physiology.




Hugh is, especially after coming back from the dead, a happy-go-lucky person. Though not completely careless, as he's mindful of the possible consequences of his powers.


Powers and Abilities

Luck of the Draw - Hugh has the completely uncontrollable ability to switch to a random ability every thirty seconds. The "timer" of this ability can't be modified by any means, no matter what, and can prove to either be extremely useful or useless in situations.

Once Hugh aquires a new ability, he has an immediate understanding of what that ability is and how to use it.

Once a new ability is gained, the previous ability is discarded and, under certain conditions, the effects of said ability wear off. (e.g Hugh clones himself, the clones disappear after 30 seconds.)

Examples of some abilities demonstrated:

  • Absolute Speed
  • Fish Physiology
  • Temporal Rewind
  • Omnireplication
  • Thunderbird Physiology
  • Elemental Breath
  • Dermal Armor
  • Pain Embodiment
  • Ursine Physiology
  • Ferrokinetic Wing Manifestation
  • Crystal Generation


  • Since Hugh switches abilities every thirty seconds, he switches to two abilities a minute. Because a day consists of 1440 minutes, Hugh cycles through 2,880 abilities a day.
  • Even if Hugh ever gained Omnipotence or another almighty ability, he would still be unable to stop the timer from switching to a new ability.