"I am no Monster, I'm just another Human, unknown by their own eyes and mind"
― H'Naylyeh

Credits and Ownership

The Entity "H'Naylyeh" was created by Avv, if you wanna make any edit, you should ask him first~!


Born in a different kind of Year, H'Naylyeh just learned how to hate this world as he was living on it, to the point of almost being a President, loved by his own city and work, he ended having more money than he ever wanted and the respect that he never needed to earn...

With such power, he could destroy his own city and send it to corruption, trying to wake up "Fake Gods" from his own books, but it ended in a different course, making him curse himself and failing all of his plans.

After the biggest failure could appear world-wide in TVs, H'Nay leaved the power and seems to disappear from the world, yet, his own Foundation never was gone, being the only evidence to say that "H'Naylyeh is Alive", and causing destructions in places, and even important locations, turning into a kind of "Urban Legend"


"Power of Corruption": He turns his arm into a dark tentacle like arm, it's range is not the best, but, the arm can cause more damage, enough to destroy a entire building with 3 or 4 hits (Depending on the Size and Material)

"Lyeh Corp.": He ends calling his own Corporation, with it's charisma to end some fights or even cause more, they are even the Main reason about having no war or even a Special Team to go find H'Nay (Not very userful when it comes to a Serious Fight, but can work sometimes)


Main Personality

As told in the Story, he just haves a bitter hate from the world itself, but tries to be respectful enough to live on it in a perfect way, following the Earth's own rules, so he can try to destroy it slowly

Secondary Personality

A happy person who seems to be always in a certain calm, some people even asks how he could be so "Casual" with almost anything, like if he already did saw everything in this world, and nothing more could surprise him...for now;


  • The Name H'Naylyeh is a fusion of his first name (H'Nay) and his own Corporation (Lyeh)
  • The Name and His own Abilities are inspired on the arts of H. P. Lovecraft
  • His drawing style and design was inspired in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
  • The title "Son of Destruction" is inspired in one of the Creator's Short Story, where H'Nay could succesfully send his entire City into a Hell