The Great Acid Thief (himself)

Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Race Glitch-Human
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Height 6 foot 3 inches
Main Ability "Great Acid"
Weight 197 lbs
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) Knox Steele
Occupation(s) Thief
Base of Operations None (Seemingly pops up anywhere)
― Finbar

Finbar Steele is a minor character in the Lettuceverse. He, along with his brother are a duo of very inefficient thieves that pop up from time to time.  


ARC 1: Lettuceverse

Finbar is a relatively minor character in the Lettuceverse, usually being seen with his brother Knox Steele, with his biggest role being in the Incanto ARC. He first appears under the employ of The Syndicate, being used as cheap labor with Riley Umbra in order to kidnap Jake Jones. Later on in the ARC, he and his brother are seen guarding the entrance to Daary Towers, but quickly get defeated by Pembroke Viridi, Melody Carmen, and Seth Blackwell. Since they were knocked out by the trio, they decide not to go back into the Syndicate's employ out of fear for punishment. They don't appear often since the Incanto ARC, but whenever they make a sporadic appearance, him and Knox usually end up beat up. Finbar and Knox however, do get an important role in the Tobias ARC, where Tobias is shown to brutally kill Knox in his introduction. Being distraught over this, Finbar tries to follow Tobias in order to kill him as revenge, but gets beaten to near death. He gets found by Jake Jones, who ends up saving him and gives Jake the idea of reforming Tobias Grimm. It is unknown what happens to Finbar after this, and he doesn't appear in the Lettuceverse again.


Finbar wears a stereotypical robber getup, which includes a black cap, and a black and white striped shirt. He also wears a dark green bandanna over his eyes, and always has a crooked smile on.


He is a wandering thief that has little care for people's feelings, and is quite self-centered. He is also extremely eccentric, as he twirls and around makes various poses while he talks, as well as having a very weird laugh. Finbar also has an inflated ego and calls himself "The Great Acid Thief". He is also shown to be quite dumb, and generally inept at his duties. He has a habit of telling fairly transparent lies and getting angry when people call him out. Despite being extremely stupid and self-centered, he has some degree of loyalty, as he cares about his brother very much. 


  • "Great Acid":He can shoot acid from his palms, and he can generate acid on his fingers, so he can melt objects by touching them at will. Finbar is also immune to his own acid.


  • Finbar and Knox are a parody of the stereotypical stupid thief that is present in most media.
  • They are...really...really stupid.