Eugene Edwards
A man by heise
Basic Info
Alias(es) The Crimson Prince
Alignment Chaotic good
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 24
Birthday 5/22/1992
Blood Type AB
Main Ability Fire Magic
Birthplace Ozaway
Homeworld Dragoverse
Affiliation(s) The Kingdom of Crimson
Occupation(s) Prince, Militia
Base of Operations The Kingdom of Crimson

Eugene is a Prince of The kingdom of Crimson, having attained immense power over fire magic from the spirits of fire itself, at the cost of his mercy.


Eugene was the well-groomed prince of Rhe Crimson Kingdom: A kingdom known for every single member being capable of using fire magic. He, however, was unable to do so and as a result was viewed with uncertainty. Feeling left out he sought of the spirits of fire and made a contract with them, as a result his sense of mercy was removed and he was granted powerful fire magic. After being granted their favor they lead him to an artifact sword stabbed in a volcano. To this day, he leads the kingdoms armies not as just it's prince but as the general to its soldiers.



Eugene has the kind of appearance you would expect out of a prince: very well groomed but one can easily see the chaotic nature of his magic.


Eugene is a very nice person, willing to help whoever asks him, however because of his now lack of mercy should he come to blows he will brutalize his opponent.


  • Order, power


  • Frogs, water


  • Fencing




  • Artifact sword


Eugene is absolutely brutal in combat, not capable of showing any mercy and his preferred form of combat is to simply incinerate his opponent.


  • Lack of oxygen
  • Lack of mercy makes him unable to hold back