Emily Wilcox
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Emily Wilcox is a rogue mage hidden in the wilderness and constantly on the run from the authorities.


Given her elusive nature and her uncanny ability to show up and then disappear for months on end, not much is known about Emily’s history. Because of this, the only “facts” about her are mere rumor. Some think that she was abandoned as a child in the forest. Because they felt pity for her, the animals of the forest raised her as one of their own, teaching them their ways. The animals also thought her the way of the forest’s esoteric and spiritual secrets, culminating in her creating a new form of magic. By the time she reached age 20, she had almost completely mastered her Hunter’s Magic. However, this adeptness came with a price. She was caught practicing her magic by an official of the Millennium government. Since it is illegal to create new forms of magic without authorization, she had essentially committed a crime. By nightfall, several MAC soldiers had surrounded her home in the forest. With the use of her Hunter’s Magic and the help of the beasts of the forest, she drove off and defeated her attackers. But she knew they’d return with even greater numbers and soon capture her. Saying her goodbyes to the beasts of the forest, she gathered her belongings and departed, leaving behind the forest physically but never mentally or spiritually.


Emily is a very spiritual person, often seen communing with nature and meaning no harm to it. She also is highly dedicated she created her own form of magic involving shaping nature’s energy.


Horse Riding, TV




Hunting, Potion Brewing, Honing her skills



  • Homo Magi Physiology : Emily is a member of the Magi, a race of humans capable of utilizing magic and other esoteric forces to perform various effects.
  • Druidic Magic : Colloquially dubbed “Hunter’s Magic” by herself, it allows her to commune and become one with nature and its aspects. With it, she can form bows and arrows out of the pure energy of nature itself. She can also share the feelings of and talk to animals, sometimes even controlling them for her purposes.
  • Alchemy : Emily has shown some capability in the school of Alchemy, the mystical art of transmuting objects. She is capable of brewing potions and crafting mystical objects with her knowledge of Alchemy. The potions are often brewed with ingredients found in the wild.
  • Enhanced Archery : Emily is very proficient in the use of bows, having spent a substantial amount of her time training with her Hunter’s Magic. Her accuracy and range with one is nigh-impeccable.


She mostly relies on her archery skill in battle but sometimes she calls for the aid of local wildlife.


  • Without the aid of the wilderness her power is lessened