Due to the number of wikia members that are and will be oblivious to how character sheets work, allow me to enlighten you.

Creating a character is, believe it or not, much more than any daily task. Overall, it's better to put more and more work into them as you go along. My current character sheet, Isaac Rose, is an example. I've been working on him for over half a month now, slowly adding details to his story, persona, and so on.

Yes, Isaac is a "superhero." But that isn't what this wiki limits you to. Whether it be a Pokemon trainer OC, a normal human being living a normal human life, or even a creature who lives life in the jungle, there are no limits to the characters you can create. (As long as aren't specifically made for sexual roleplay, of course, There's chat PMs for that stuff.)

So, if you hadn't clicked the link, you are going to need to know the basics.

  • Every character is a character. Give them a name, a birthday maybe, some physical characteristics, an alias if they have one.
  • Unless you're blind, a picture would help. Deviantart and Pinterest are great sources to find art that may fit the description of the character you are attempting to create.
  • They didn't just spawn in at age seventeen. They have a backstory, they have had events in the past that have changed them or affected them in some way. It'd be nice to have a description on what life was like before the present, the time in which you are roleplaying.
  • Optional options are optional. These help in development, but are not necessary. Things such as height and weight, theme songs, archetypes ( should help), bust-waist-hip measurements for females, and other aspects may help.
  • is helpful. If you are in search of superpowers to give your character, look no further. Powerlisting has over a thousand superpowers on many different levels that can intricately prove what your character can do. It isn't limited to supers, either. It contains characters from anime and manga, video games, TV shows, and movies as well.

If you are in search of more tips, leave a message at my wall. I'll try and help as best as I can.

To create one, though, simply make a new page on the wiki. Title it the name of the character, alias or real name, doesn't matter. Then, put the info in. Simple as that.

Note: Once you have created a character, your account will be given a category to help organize your sheets. Use it wisely.