Original Universe
Costello Caruso
Basic Info
Alias(es) Blackout, Orion, Constantine
Alignment Neutral Evil
Race Meta-Human
Gender Male
Age 24
Birthday October 14th
Blood Type A
Main Ability Constellation Mimicry
Personal Data
Birthplace New Port
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) Himself
Occupation(s) Power Broker
Base of Operations Hightop Manor
"Let's simply say that it's written like the stars. I am fated to succeed, I have seen it with my own eyes. Your powers are nowhere near a match for mine, and you are going to soon experience that truth."
― Cosetllo Caruso








Costello appears as a young man with a slender build, short blonde hair and light brown eyes. His typical attire consists of a brown long coat, a brown striped vest with matching pants, a white undershirt and a customized tie.

Depending on what constellation he is mimicking at the time, Costello's aura will also change colors.



Costello is very calm, almost to a stoic degree. Despite his often ill intentions, he sees the world in a good light, often looking at the best of a situation. This attitude makes him appear kind and charismatic in most scenarios, and he actually is to those who aren't involved in his goals. However, even to those who he needs to crush in order to get what he wants, he is very friendly and gentlemanly, making him appear far better than he is.


Darkness, Stars, Observing and Controlling


Losing Control, Spicy Food, Loud People


In his home of Hightop Manor, Costello has a large room dedicated to the archive of current events. He keeps clippings of newspapers and articles, along with various recordings of studies and news broadcasts. He claims doing this keeps him calm, and that his collection is one of his favorite things to look at.



  • Constellation Mimicry - Costello's main ability is being able to take on the traits of constellations, giving him a variety of abilities to use of. However, he can only mimic one constellation at a time.
  • Starlight - Costello can generate and control light which he refers to as Starlight. Using this, he can also teleport as well.
  • Precognition Minor - Using Precognition Minor, Costello can see the future up to a week before. He uses this for short term planning, to devastating effect.


  • Costello despises fighting people himself, but will do it when necessary.
    • Furthermore, Costello isn't very proficient in combat when he doesn't have his powers.
  • Costello has no defense against having his power drained.


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