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Welcome to the Character Role Play Wikia! Here on the wiki, you can roleplay with original characters to your heart's desire with other members of our community. While the primary function of this site is for roleplaying, you can also make stories, fanfictions, universes, and more!

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It's always good to remember who the Admins are in case you need help.
  • Creating a character is, of course, one of the most important parts of the Wikia. How would you roleplay without one? Most people on the wiki use the same layout, although it may be...difficult...without knowledge of moderately-advanced HTML. Nonetheless, I strongly suggest you look at other people's Character Sheets to gain inspiration for your own new creation.
  • Speaking of characters, there's a guide to inform you on Creating a Character. It has somewhat basic guidelines on the ins and outs of fabricating your own living piece of fiction. (Note: Living in the sense that they exist, not that they will actually come to life. The admins of the Character Role Play wiki are in no way responsible for your characters coming to life, or for any havoc they may wreak upon your life).
  • Created a character? Good! Now you can get to roleplaying. Visit the Forums or the Roleplay Room to collect people to roleplay with. Although it may be intimidating at first to roleplay with people you've never met before, active and long-standing members of the community will understand your initial "stage fright" of sorts, and be willing to help you relax and guide you through your first roleplays if need be.
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On the CRP wiki, you will find interesting pages on lores, characters, and last but not least, the roleplay. Characters you make will only be used in roleplay if you're into it, and they will never be used without your permission.

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Note: You will always have time to finish creating your characters, so you don't have to finish right away. Also, with RPs, try to reply as quick as possible to get it done!

Remember, if you ever have questions or need help, never be afraid to ask an administrator!

Now get out there and make something great!

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