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Axolotl God
Basic Info
Alias(es) Emperor of the Multiverse
Alignment True Neutral
Race Omnipotent Being
Gender Jesus
Age 87
Birthday 4/20
Blood Type Cold-Blooded
Main Ability Placeholder text
Personal Data
Birthplace Jesus's nephew, twice removed
Nationality God of the Sea
Affiliation(s) Jesus, Yung Kuda, Rape God, Pembroke, Lord Brix
Occupation(s) Ruling the world
Base of Operations Has an office inside a pond in a 69th dimension. 

" *Axolotl Noises* "

― Axolotl God

Axolotl God is an omnipotent being that resides in the 69th dimension, and is the most powerful being in the Lettuceverse, and is the ruler of the multiverse, who is seen aiding the heroes several times on their adventures.



Theme Songs

  • Our Father
  • Hail Holy King
  • That one water level theme in Mario


Axolotl God's personality can't be described in words, only in Axolotl Noises.


  • Swimming around in his office pond.
  • Giving advice to Pembroke
  • Drinking Milky with lord Brix.


ARC 1:Lettuceverse

Axolotl god only appears sporadically in The Lettuceverse, he first has a cameo appearance in ARC 1, being briefly shown in his office when the different Jack Jones's were driving through various dimensions. Axolotl God then has his first speaking appearance in ARC 13, where he was summoned due to the rift in dimensions that Xerxes was causing, and promptly arrested him. He appears again at the end of ARC 18, where he captured Xenon and sent all the prisoners back to their own dimensions. He re-appears in ARC 27, where he was seen sampling a milkshake from Brix's Milky Emporium. He appears at the end of ARC 34 after Xerxes broke free of his prison right in the middle of the NGD fighting the Old Syndicate, and reimprisoned Xerxes with the NGD's help.


  • He is completely omnipotent.
    • Likes blowing bubbles in his pond.
    • He also has the job of making sure the multiverse is in good order, and is frequently seen taking care of Xerxes's dimensional havoc. He has the ability to create dimensional portals.


  • Autobiography Titled "Axolotl God: How to be a pimp underseas".


He will use absolute force to destroy anyone he deems unworthy, this includes Azreal because of his hatred of Axolotls.


  • Literally None.


  • Az has said "Axolotls are freaks of nature", and for this, Axolotl God swears eternal wrath upon him, and will stop at nothing to kill him.