Auriel Applewick
Basic Info
Alias(es) The Dark Elf
Alignment Neutral Good
Race Elf
Gender Female
Age 16
Birthday 3/4/2000
Blood Type AB
Main Ability Shadow Magic
Birthplace Oznea
Homeworld Dragoverse
Affiliation(s) Donovans Team
Occupation(s) Militia
Base of Operations none

Auriel is a peasant elf and a shadow mage present in Donovans team.


Her family was in poverty for as long as she can remember, the need to survive was left to her studying the magic arts as her lineage allowed a natural affinity to it. She found magic tomes in the garbage, an old outdated book about shadow magic, an art that is rare nowadays. She grew to be a potent shadow mage and fought off monsters that would threaten her and her family. One day Donovan found her when she had killed a troll, he offered her a place in his team along with other equally powerful mages, she accepted.



Being a peasant her clothes aren't very fancy, mainly being a kind of beaten up cloak, her hair is quite long and silky which is common for an elf and her ears are quite small for an elf.


Auriel is the picture of innocence, never once having a selfish thought and looking out for her teammates. She is also quite clever, when she first met Donovan she was leading a troll into the shadows so she could Impale it with a dozen spikes.


  • Apples, simplicity


  • Trolls


  • Coin tossing




Her fighting style is based on surprise attacks, using nearby shadows to strangle someone or form constructs in the form of spikes and other dangerous forms.


  • As she is still a teenager she's prone to some emotional problems.