Arthur Oaksford
Basic Info
Alias(es) The Rogue
Alignment Neutral Good
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 27
Birthday 12/22/1989
Blood Type B
Main Ability Wind Magic
Birthplace Wirvia
Homeworld Dragoverse
Affiliation(s) Himself
Occupation(s) Militia
Base of Operations None

Arthur is a powerful wind mage and a member of donovans militia.


Arthur was entranced by the flow of wind and how from childhood, it was his favorite element from when he was a child. When he saw a devastating tornado, he saw the beauty of the twist and turns and how it was a natural force of nature rather than a killer. Possessing Wind magic he knew he could control the forces of nature but he couldn't even compare to the pure power he saw on the tornado.

He sought of the very spirits of the wind itself and made a pact with them, they would grant him immense power in his wind magic in exchange for the lessening of his emotions. After the pact was concluded the spirits left him a clue to find the ancient artifact of wind: a scythe. Sensing the currents of the air he discovered the scythe stuck blade first into the wall of a ruin, an obvious sign it was caused by a gale. From that day onward he wandered the earth untill he was confronted by Donovan, offered his role in the militia and given a purpose in his life.



Arthur is a very slim individual with somewhat pale skin and unruly hair, his skin has barely any imperfections that can be seen at a glance.


He is very callous to those he is not familiar with and is utterly ruthless in combat, should he become more familiar with a person he will react more warmly and as a result be more helpful. 


  • reading, origami


  • annoying people


  • Origami




  • Artifact Scythe


Arthur primarily uses his wind magic in combat, main strategy to immobilize his opponent by creating a vacuum and then using razor wind to tear them apart. Should this not work he'll resort to speed-based combat with his scythe or using electricity, other times he can use airwaves to brutalize his opponents.


  • Should he be placed in a vacuum he is nearly helpless
  • Magic nullification is a major detriment


  • He is based on Kazuma Yagami from Kaze no Stigma