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Mira Laime
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• 12/28/2018
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• 6/21/2018

Iota Fer Encik

"The talented Animist" - Overlord RP
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• 5/15/2018


we gotta revive the fucking wiki.....
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• 12/29/2017

Here is my character profile

Description:She is a 5'3 high functioning mildly autistic woman who mostly wears a "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" t-shirt
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• 11/27/2017

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• 11/7/2016
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• 9/19/2016

The Multiversal Crisis

The multiverse is a multitude of wondrous places formed over billions upon billions of years of progress and creation from the gods. The numerous worlds created by these gods have been scattered across the multiverse and have been kept separate.
Due to the appearance of the mysterious “Eraser” being, breaches began forming in all universes, allowing for matter and energy from alternate universes to flow in and out between them. This connected the universes of the Red Victoria, Huffverse, Timeline-44, Lettuceverse, Abnormalverse, Primoverse, Eoveagus, Dragoverse, Post-Verse, and Kudaverse.
Upon the breaches appearing, “characters” passed through them into a central universe known as “The Hub.” People entering the Hub were locked into a mission in which they must work together and take down an enemy known as the Eraser. Grouped up by the area of the world each of them were located in, many of them shared individual goals such as escape or investigation. However, they also shared one major, common goal: take down the Eraser.
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• 2/12/2016

Lincoln Maxis vs. Drasko Radosa

Lincoln Maxis stalked the rooftops of the city of New Port, searching for innocent bystanders to put on his list of future victims. Carrying a notepad, a pen, multiple bladed weapons, and a .44 revolver, Lincoln sent his duplicates throughout the city.
Tonight was going to be his first murder in New Port.
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• 2/5/2016

Victor Jones vs. Graham Zoltan

Victor's shift had just ended, and he was taking the elevator up to the fifth floor of his hotel. He took off his hat, and held it by his hip in one hand as he walked out and started towards his room.
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• 1/30/2016

Lands of Terra

In the desert of Terra Rixa, Jericho Tappe, a merchant from Velatia, is travelling from Cellan to Skelgrove. Dreading that he must go into the perilous desert territory, he hired Luther Marshall, a Velatian Assassin, to guard him on his trip. This is where the beginning of the events would occur, those who would save Terra would make their origins here, in the most dangerous place in the Realm.
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• 12/21/2015

Red Victoria

Gabriel Powell rubbed his temples, took a drink of whiskey and sighed. He was not prepared to put up with more idiots today. As he had just been informed by one of his Cardholders down on 78th, some pathetic Yakuza thugs decided to set up shop without his conset. Some people just don't know their place, do they?
It's fine though, Gabriel thought to himself in an annoyed tone. I'm sure the Jannisaries can take care of them. Gabriel pressed the button connected to the PA system and spoke with an annoyed tone.
"Could Jason Monarch, Ashraf Saleel, and Kartel Faried come to my office please?"
Gabriel lounged back in his chair a bit. This along with the entire fiasco with Gunvald somehow letting a test subject escape is just making his day terrible.
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